Alucobond Panel Cleaning & Restoration Charleston, SC

While Alucobond aluminum composite panels are designed to be weatherproof, they may become stained over time due to pollutants in the air, biological growth, precast leaching. These and other stain forming factors that take a toll on the Alucobond finish will eventually cause stains that cannot be removed by standard cleaning procedures. Ambassador Window Cleaning can save you money by repairing chalked, faded or even chemically damaged panels instead of resorting to costly panel replacement.

Alucobond Panel Restoration Charleston, SC

Ambassador specializes in the restoration and refinishing of Alucobond panels. We use high quality products to remove surface staining and damage, revealing a clean finish exactly as it was the day it was installed. Chalked, faded or even chemically damaged Alucobond surfaces can be rejuvenated for a small fraction of the cost of replacement. The products we use to restore Alucobond panels are environmentally friendly and contain no acids or harsh abrasives.

Alucobond Protection Charleston

After Ambassador has restored your Alucobond panels, we can apply a long lasting treatment that provides an invisible surface layer which protects the finish even better than the original panel finish. In conjunction with proper maintenance, this may defer or eliminate the need for restoration in the future.

Alucobond Restoration