Sealing & Waterproofing Service

We offer sealing (clear water repellant) services in the Charleston and surrounding areas on commercial buildings of all sizes. We apply sealer to any type of stone, concrete or brick. No job is too large and no job is too small.
Unsealed surface absorbs water (at bottom)

The Value of Commercial Sealing & Waterproofing

There are several reasons for sealing architectural stone, pre-cast, limestone, brick and concrete. One reason is that the sealer forms a waterproof barrier between the elements and the structure. Another benefit is to eliminate efflorescence and other types of constant leaching of minerals from the building’s exterior surfaces. By sealing your building, you also eliminate the runoff of the various minerals that cause hard water stains on glass

We use a variety of invisible protective treatments for stone surfaces that will protect the surface of the stone material against water, oil, biological growth and other unwanted stains. Using an invisible protective treatment for stone surfaces insures that you get the best return on investment for the stone cleaning or restoration services you provide for your property. Having these high performance sealers on a building will drastically reduce cleaning costs over the course of 5 years. Having that invisible barrier over the stone helps keep dirt and debris from settling and helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew. If you have a building in the Charleston or surrounding area that’s in need of sealing, call us today for a free consultation, demonstration and quote.

Water Proofing Service
Sealed Surface Repelling Water

Featured Projects

We were involved in a large capital expense project for CBRE. It involved acid washing and pressure washing all this stone that you see to remove the deep staining. Then we sealed the stone with a commercial grade stone sealer. We also restored all the glass and metal.  Here are a few pics.