Scratched Glass Repair Service

We provide Charleston, SC and surrounding Low Country areas with scratched glass repair and removal services. Whether the scratches in your glass are caused from Graffiti, aggressive cleaning, construction damage, mineral deposits, etc. we can save you money over the cost of replacement.

In the Charleston area, acid etch and scratch vandalism and graffiti are common. Commercial storefront glass is unfortunately the hardest hit. The cost of replacing commercial glass is expensive and can hurt your bottom line. At Ambassador Window Cleaning, we have a three-step scratched glass repair process that can remove the damage without replacement and save you 50 to 80 percent on the cost of replacement.

Scratches and acid etched graffiti have to be removed professionally. Rather than replace glass at hundreds or thousands of dollars, Ambassador will restore your glass to its original condition at a fraction of the cost.

If your Charleston business, home or construction site is in need of scratch removal services, don’t hesitate to call us today.

Glass Scratch Repair in Charleston