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Metal roof cleaning extends the life of a metal roof

Like any household or outdoor item, regular cleaning will extend the life of your metal roof. For a metal roof, periodic cleaning helps maintain the integrity of the panels and removes particles on the surface that could degrade the paint system. Fortunately, paint systems such as PVDF are durable and engineered to last, but will still benefit from periodic cleaning to keep up the strength of the resin and coating.

Metal roof cleaning removes elements stuck on the roof’s surface.

There are chemicals present in certain atmospheres, such as acid rain and pollution particles, and here in the Charleston area the salt air that can cause premature degradation of a metal roofing paint system. An easy way to determine if your roof is degrading is by inspecting the paint to see if its surface is chalking. Chalking is the white residue that can become visible on a painted or coated metal surface over a period of time.

As panels are exposed to sunlight and UV rays, the paint system’s resin begins to break down and degrade. Once the resin starts to break down and continues to be exposed to the sun, Charleston salt air, and pollutants, it loses its adhesion to the surface and those degraded particles begin to turn white. These particles will over time become visible to the naked eye on the surface of the metal. Often times, the difference can be subtle; however, if you wipe the panel with your finger, you should notice the chalky residue on your skin.

Keep in mind, most metal roofing paint warranties will not cover excessive chalking in the presence of pollutants, this is why it’s important to regularly clean your metal roof.  Keeping your metal roof clean from these various particles will significantly lessen this sort of wear and tear.

Metal roof cleaning improves curb appeal.

Who wants a dirty or unsightly roof, especially since you paid a relatively large sum of money for a metal roof. You want your investment to look good for as long as possible. Here in the Charleston area cleaning your metal roof once every few years will help keep the dirt and other visible elements from making your roof look dirty, moldy, or discolored to the naked eye.

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How does Ambassador clean metal roofs in Charleston?

As you my imagine, walking on a wet metal roof can be very dangerous.  Our technicians are always tied off when on a wet metal roof.  We gear up with ropes, full body harnesses, the whole works.  At Ambassador our first concern is our technicians’ safety.  Once we are safe we use water with medium pressure and systematically address every square inch of your metal roof.  No harsh chemicals needed, just hard work and good clean Charleston water.  The results are amazing. In the event your metal roof is chalking we may need to take the cleaning to the next level in order to remove the chalky film.  We may need to go as far as hand cleaning the roof depending on the severity. If it’s time for your metal roof to be cleaned, call us for a free estimate.

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