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What is glass restoration, and why would you need it? A scenario that many of us are familiar with is having one window constantly hit by the sprinklers and out of whack. After city water, with all its additives and minerals, hits and is left to sit on the glass over and over again, a hard film starts to form. This film will not come off with regular window cleaning. What we do is restore that glass back to new again. We can even treat it with a sealer to help prevent future problems.

The out of control sprinkler is not always the culprit. In fact, mineral deposits on glass are usually a result of building run off. When you have building material such as brick, stone, concrete etc. that does not have a quality sealer on it, it can lead to problems for your glass. When it rains and the water makes its way down the building, it leaches minerals out of the brick, stone, etc. When that mineral filled water flows over the glass, it leaves those minerals behind. Those minerals harden to the glass surface. As this happens over and over, before you know it, you can no longer see out of the glass.

The best thing to do is to prevent this from happening in the first place. If you already have water spots or mineral deposits on your glass, however, we can help by removing the layers of mineral deposits. Our skilled technicians utilize the latest widow restoration and glass repair technologies to remove hard water stains and water spots on glass to like-new condition. Take a look at the pictures showing examples of our cost-effective glass stain removal service.

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We were involved in a large project at the Charleston FAA tower. Some of what we did was glass restoration, window cleaning, metal restoration, caulking and painting. Here are a couple photos of one of our high rise technicians rappelling from the very top of the tower.

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We were involved in a large capital expense project for CBRE. It involved acid washing and pressure washing all this stone that you see to remove the deep staining. Then we sealed the stone with a commercial grade stone sealer. We also restored all the glass and metal.  Here are a few pics.

Before Soft Wash Roof Cleaning
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