High Rise Window Cleaning – Charleston, SC

High Rise Window Cleaning Services in the Low Country

We have been offering mid-rise and high rise window cleaning services to the Charleston, SC area since 2004. Here in Charleston, roof top anchors are few and far between so it often takes a seasoned vet to safely and effective set up for rappelling or swing stage work. We have a great wealth of experience here at Ambassador. We also keep up with the latest techniques, equipment, safety devices safety standards. The safety of our technicians is number one.

Your high rise window cleaning needs will be handled efficiently and professionally.

We pride ourselves in our ability to navigate our jobs efficiently. What this means for our Charleston customers is better pricing and less intrusion on your time and space. Ambassador has a large enough staff to accommodate you on any size building or structure.

You can expect excellent results, because we enjoy the work!

Performing high rise window cleaning in Charleston is a treat with all the great unique views that we get to enjoy. From the Charleston Harbor to the Ashley River and all the great architecture in between, you never know what you’re going to see or what new area of Charleston you will discover. One way we like to look at it is that our office view changes daily. We truly enjoy our job and it shows in our performance.

If you need help cleaning the windows on a Charleston High Rise then click for a free quote today.  Keeping Charleston clean one window at a time!

Featured Project

We have been cleaning the windows on this building in downtown Charleston, SC for several years. The configuration of the decorative eyebrows makes it difficult to reach the windows, so we came up with a workable solutions with our water-fed poles. One thing I can say about Ambassador is that we are great at figuring out complex access situations.