Power Washing Brick Patio Guide

Power Washing Brick Patio Guide

Power washing brick patio is a great way to keep it looking pristine. For the ultimate brick patio, you need to consider what it will be used for. Is there a pool? Children playing on it? If so, you need to invest in a sealant that is safe for children and pets. Similarly, if there are areas where people walk or sit down frequently, those bricks may require more frequent power washing than others. A good rule of thumb: the more often something touches the surface, the more often you should power wash! If you use the right equipment and chemicals, it’s an easy and cost-effective option for cleaning and protecting your clay brick surface. It’s important to make sure that the bricks are dry before power washing them though: if they’re wet, they’ll just smear the dirt around and not clean anything!

Preparing Brick Patio for Power Wash
Preparing Brick Patio for Power Wash


Step 1: Make Sure Your Machine can Power Wash Brick

The first thing you want to do when power washing your brick patio is read any signs on your pressure washer. Some models, like gas-powered ones, require specific mixes of soap or other products to get optimal results. Others may not be ideal for use with certain types of surfaces (like wood) or textures (like brick). Once you know what your machine can handle, move on to step two!

Step 2: Start From the Top of Patio

Start at the top of the brick patio and work downwards. This lets you avoid streaks from dirt that may be more concentrated near the bottom of a wall or path. If you’re using a detergent mix, apply it as you go down each section of bricks so that there’s no residue left behind on individual bricks. Make sure to coat any joints between bricks as well as they are common trouble spots for harboring stains over time.

Step 3: Allow Soap to Sit on Brick Surface

After applying soap, you should wait about five minutes for it to do its job before starting the power washer. Some products recommend longer waiting periods, so, if possible, check the manufacturer’s instructions before you begin pressure washing your brick. When the time is up, give it a quick stir to make sure there are no chunks or clumps of dirt still in the soap solution. If there are, wait until they settle before starting the machine.

Step 4: Use Enough Pressure but Not too Much

Power washes each section about five minutes. Make sure that you use enough water pressure to get through any stubborn areas without having to scrub too much with your brush or other cleaning device. You should also try not to go over the same area more than once unless it’s dirty–otherwise you’ll just be pushing around grime! This may not be an issue if you’re using detergents though so always check with the manufacturer’s instructions when using this kind of chemical.

Power Washing Brick Patio
Power Washing Brick Patio

Step 5: Let Your Brick Patio Dry

Once you’ve power washed the entire patio, let it dry completely before doing anything else on it. If there is any soap residue left behind, for example, this may result in discolored bricks or puddles of water trapped among them. You’ll also want to check that there aren’t dirt marks or streaks anywhere on your brick – these are usually easy to spot since they’re outlines of where grime used to be! Once you’re sure everything is clean.

Step 6: Sealing 

To keep your brick patio looking its best all year round, seal it with a protectant that can resist rain and moisture still allowing it to breathe (for example, some power washers come with their own sealant for this purpose). If you want to save on cost, your local hardware store should have sealants available. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully though! Using too little or putting it on too thinly can result in a dull-looking surface that bricks absorb dirt into easily.

Step 7: Let Sealing Sit Overnight

After applying the sealant to your brick patio, let it sit overnight before walking on it again. A quick test is to sprinkle some water onto it: if any beads up then you’re good to go! Patio designs are great because they give an outdoor space character and charm – but they also mean more work than having bare ground or decking instead. By using the right equipment and chemicals to clean your bricks you can keep it looking fresh, new, and clean for longer without too much effort!

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