10 Fun Facts About Power Washing Patio Pavers

10 Fun Facts About Power Washing Patio Pavers

Power washing patio pavers is a fantastic way to keep them looking great and new. It’s also going to help you save time and money, since it will remove all the dirt, grime, mold and mildew that can build up in your patios over time. That means you won’t have to spend as much on maintenance costs or buy new patio pavers for many years. Give us a call today!

#1: The Right Way to Power Wash Patio Pavers

The first step in power washing patio pavers is identifying the best way to position your garden hose so you can control the pressure of the water coming out. When you turn on the faucet, look for an adjustable nozzle that will let you change how much water comes out.

#2: Make Sure Grime is Gone

Indoors or outdoors, grime and gunk are everywhere these days. That means before you even think about power washing patio pavers indoors or outdoors, you need to take a look and make sure there isn’t any grime on your pavers.

After Power Wash Patio Pavers
Patio Pavers After Power Washing

#3: Make Sure Patio Pavers are Dry

It only takes a few minutes for patio pavers to dry out after you power wash them. Once they’re done, though, take a good look at them and make sure there isn’t any water left over before you let people walk on your pavers.

#4: Give Pavers Time to Dry

You don’t have to go around power washing patio pavers right after it rains. You can leave them alone until they’re dry, even if that means waiting a whole day or two before you start the process. That’s perfectly fine, since leaving your garden hose unattended isn’t going to cause any problems on its own.

#5: Make Sure it’s the Right Time of Year

Some people don’t realize it, but you aren’t supposed to power wash patio pavers during certain parts of the year. It is ok to do so in early spring or late winter , as long as there is no snow on your pavers and the temperature outside isn’t freezing.

#6: Be Careful Around Plants and Grass

It’s not a big deal to power wash patio pavers near grass or plants, but you do need to pay attention the entire time. That means if you accidentally hit part of your garden with too much water pressure, then go back over it with the hose nozzle so you aren’t doing any damage.

#7: Power Wash Patio Pavers in the Shade

If you’re looking to power wash patio pavers, then it’s best done during the night or early morning hours. That’s because this type of water pressure can do a lot of damage if exposed to direct sunlight for too long.

#8: Don’t Forget to Add Rubber Mats Around the Edges

If you want to power wash patio pavers, then it’s best to put rubber mats around the edges. That keeps water from spraying out of control while still giving your garden hose enough pressure so you can get good results.

#9: Let the Patio Pavers Dry Out

If there are any areas you accidentally missed on your power washing, don’t feel bad. You can always go back over those parts once everything is dry and clean again. That’s why it’s smart to let everything sit overnight, since that gives you plenty of time to power wash patio pavers without worrying about anything getting ruined.

#10: Avoid Damaging Plants and Grass

It’s easy enough to avoid damaging plants and grass when you’re power washing patio pavers. All it takes is a good look before starting your power washer, and then you can go back and power wash patio pavers in any areas where your garden hose accidentally got too close.

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