Power Wash Roof Cost

Factor Affecting Power Wash Roof Cost?

The power wash roof cost will vary based on numerous factors. The cost of power washing can range anywhere depending on factors like the size of the roof, materials of the roof, and whether it is new or old. You should keep in mind that power washing in a single residential home could typically less while commercial buildings are usually more expensive. 

The cost of power washing a roof also varies depending on whether it is new or old. A brand new roof will be much dirtier than an older one. There is no point in spending money to clean the top of a building if its bottom is covered with dust and debris as well, so it’s usually best to wait for the newer roofs to build up some layers first before getting them cleaned. Whereas older roofs usually only require the service every few years, new roofs might need power washing once or twice a year.

Before and After Metal Washing Roof
Before and After Metal Washing Roof

The size of the roof is also an important factor when it comes to cleaning costs. Obviously, small roofs are easier to clean than big ones because there will be no wasted time on working out where on the roof you’ve already been (since they’re so close together). This means that smaller roofs probably won’t cost as much as bigger ones. A good rule of thumb is that shorter buildings with steep angles will generate more profit per hour for your business since each area can be reached faster and cleaner in less time. Also consider that most people don’t want high-pressure streams coming from ladders due to safety concerns, meaning that most roofs you’ll power wash will be about 30-45 feet high or shorter.

Materials of the roof are another factor to consider when it comes to the cost of power washing a roof. The more materials on your roof, the longer and harder it will take for cleaners to get them clean again since they have more nooks and crannies that need scouring with soap and hot water. Slate shingle wooden roofs are usually easier for people to power wash but might require more time due to their shape while rubber roofs are typically difficult because they sometimes cannot be cleaned easily without causing damage.

The cost varies depending on how many stories you’ve got on your building. If you have a 2 story house, you’ll be paying for the service on both roofs. But if it’s only one story, then that fee will cover the cost of power washing it.

The labor costs associated with power washing usually make up about half the total while equipment makes up for around 17%. Electricity accounts for about a quarter of the total cost. The last 12% is usually derived from miscellaneous costs such as equipment rental or supplies. 

Overall, it is not possible to give an exact cost without knowing the factors involved in specific cases. Depending on what type of roof needs cleaning and whether there are any other environmental factors that will affect the price. Of course, much like anything else, a professional roof cleaner would likely be able to offer a much better price than someone starting out in this industry.

Power Wash Roof Cost
Power Washing Roof
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