Magnetic Window Cleaners: The Future of Cleaning

Traditional window cleaners are full of chemicals that can be hazardous to your health and the environment, making it a good idea to switch over to an eco-friendly magnetic window cleaner. Magnetic window cleaners are specially designed for homes and businesses with metal frames, which means they won’t leave any residue on your windows like regular cleaners. Plus, the only thing you need is a little water!

magnetic window cleaner
magnetic window cleaner

The Magnetic Window Cleaner is made up of an aluminum triangular magnet that sits on your window with a microfiber cloth attached. You wet the cloth, scrub all the dirt away using gentle circular motions, and then wipe it clean with another dry part of the cloth! The magnets are specifically designed in this way because if they ever came in contact with each other, they would actually repel rather than attract one another.

One of the most dangerous chemicals in traditional cleaners that you won’t find with magnetic ones is ammonia. This chemical makes it easier to dissolve proteins, which means that when you’re cleaning glass surfaces with ammonia-based products, there might be living microbes left behind even after wiping them down.  Ammonia also irritates the eyes and respiratory tract, not to mention it smells terrible.

Another harmful chemical in traditional cleaners is bleach, which can be toxic in high concentrations. Bleach-based products are good for really thick grime but aren’t very safe to use in general; when combined with other chemicals in the cleaner, chlorine gas can form and cause serious health problems over time.

The only real downside of magnetic window cleaners is that you shouldn’t put them on your car! The magnets could scratch the paint or strip off any coatings you have on the surface. Other than that though, switching from a traditional window cleaner to a magnetic one will leave you with healthier lungs and less stuff cluttering up your home! 

More importantly, they’re environmentally friendly and will actually benefit the Earth. The majority of traditional window cleaners are water-based, which means they could pollute nearby waterways if not disposed of correctly.