Patriots Point – Home to the World’s Largest Naval Museum

Whether you grew up watching Top Gun or not, everyone is fascinated by aircraft carriers. Patriots Point is home to the world’s largest naval museum, featuring the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier. Other highlights include the WWII-era USS Laffey (nicknamed “The Ship That Would Not Die”) and the Cold War GUPPY III submarine Clamagore. Click here for more info.

USS Yorktown

Home to the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier and other historic ships, this is Charleston’s most unique attraction. The museum offers fresh exhibits, educational programming, and one-of-a-kind experiences year-round.

The USS Yorktown docked at the museum, is a World War II-era Essex class aircraft carrier. The Yorktown earned 11 battle stars and served in the Korean and Vietnam Wars, as well.

Visitors can tour the flight deck, hangar bay, and more. The newest attraction is the Medal of Honor Museum, which showcases the unselfish acts of heroes who earned America’s highest military award. The museum is located in Yorktown and features 22 historic aircraft. Other highlights include the Laffey destroyer and the Clamagore submarine. The Vietnam Experience is also on-site, featuring a Quonset Hut, a mess hall, Navy support bases, and more.

USS Laffey

The USS Laffey is one of three naval ships visitors can tour at the Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum. The complex also features the aircraft carrier Yorktown, a submarine, and a Vietnam Experience Exhibit, as well as a Medal of Honor Museum that showcases those who earned America’s highest military honor.

The museum is centered around the USS Yorktown, an Essex class aircraft carrier that served in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. It is a National Historic Landmark and is home to an extensive collection of historic aircraft. In addition to Yorktown, the museum also includes the WWII-era destroyer USS Laffey and a Cold War submarine. Browse around this site to check more places to visit.

USS Clamagore

Patriots Point is home to the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier and other National Historic Landmark ships. It also features a Vietnam Experience Exhibit and the Medal of Honor Museum. It is one of the largest military museums in the world, and it offers visitors a chance to walk in the steps of heroes.

The museum has a number of interesting exhibits, including the USS Clamagore, a Balao-class submarine that was named after a type of fish. Despite many efforts to keep the submarine afloat, its cost became prohibitive. After considering options such as sinking the ship to become a reef or moving it, the board decided to dismantle the submarine. However, the museum will save some artifacts from the submarine to include in an exhibit.

Vietnam Experience

In the early years of the Vietnam War, many Americans supported their government’s involvement in the conflict. They believed it was necessary to stop the spread of communism in Southeast Asia. However, as the number of American casualties rose, morale among servicemen began to wane.

Some soldiers resented officers who directed dangerous field combat from distant command posts or helicopters. Others criticized the military strategy, which seemed to send them on endless patrols without clear objectives.

During the Vietnam Experience, visitors can walk through an exhibit that depicts the history of the conflict. The exhibit features 21 full-size mannequins dressed in American, Viet Cong, and NVA uniforms, a POW cage similar to those used to hold prisoners of war, various weapons, and other Vietnam-related items.

Medal of Honor Museum

The Congressional Medal of Honor Society’s offices and museum, which is located aboard the Yorktown aircraft carrier at Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum, play a critical role in preserving the legacy of the Medal of Honor Recipients. The Society is a nonprofit organization that encourages selfless leadership for future generations.

A new climate-controlled space in Yorktown will enable more permanent displays of pieces from the museum’s archives, according to the society. This will give visitors a more in-depth understanding of American experiences during times of conflict.

A foundation that once planned to build a separate museum in Mount Pleasant is now in talks to partner with the local group, which has a commitment from the state and the town of Charleston County. Currently, the Yorktown, destroyer ship and submarine docked at Patriots Point provide a unique opportunity for guests to explore military history. Browse the next article.


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