The Importance of Roof Cleaning

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26 June 2020
Roof Cleaning

The Importance of Roof Cleaning

Whenever you think about cleaning your house, which parts of the property first come to your mind? For most owners, it means cleaning the home’s interior and maybe even parts of the exterior. Generally, they will clean the rooms, shovel walkways, clear driveways, wash the deck and mow the lawn. A few may go as […]

Mold & Mildew Exterminators

It’s amazing how much mold and mildew grow in this Charleston environment. The bulk of what we do is pressure washing and most of the pressure washing involves removing and killing mold and mildew. Last week we were at a local Charleston business where we were hired to clean these skylights. As you can see […]

22 July 2016

Roof Cleaning Free Estimate

Recently we cleaned a metal roof on a Charleston home. These metal roofs can be pretty tricky. In order to remain safe we rig up ropes that keep us in a working position and don’t allow slippage. Cleaning this roof made a big difference to the curb appeal. If your roof is in need to […]

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